Original Superfoods Activated Charcoal Actieve Kool Poeder 200 gram

De trend van dit moment! WItte tanden met zwarte kool!

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De trend van dit moment! WItte tanden met zwarte kool!

Original Superfoods Activated Charcoal has strong binding properties, allowing it to easily absorb toxins. It can be used for teeth cleaning, bowel cleansing, detoxification and bloating.

Original Superfoods Activated Charcoal 200 Grams

Origin: Germany, Beech.

Activated charcoal is a unique detoxifier. It acts by binding to chemicals (absorption) so their toxicity is reduced over the entire length of the stomach, small and large intestine.

Charcoal itself is completely harmless and is used both internally and externally for numerous ailments, including:

Liver and kidney disorders
Any form of poisoning
Insect and snake bites
Flu and colds
Oral and dental care
Activated charcoal is considered to be the most effective antidote for a variety of contaminants and is also used in the medical world, when a person ingested a toxic substance. Therefore, it may be interesting when thinking about detoxing, to keep in mind vegetable charcoal.

Usage: Take 1 teaspoon per day dissolved in water. Do not use within two hours after taking therapeutic products. It is best to use charcoal as a one week treatment, for example once per season.

For oral and dental care: Spread it with the tongue without water. Brush over it with a toothbrush. Or put some of it on your toothpaste and brush.

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